5 reasons to introduce cryptocurrency

to your business now

Customs Union Brexit – A Chance for the Netherlands?

In the recent days, the United Kingdom has witnessed intensified parliamentary discussions on certain aspects of Brexit. The debates go about the future of trade and border arrangements between the UK and the EU upon the finalisation of Brexit. This specific problem refers to the intention of Great Britain to leave the European Union Customs Union as well as the single market, which allows some non-EU countries (for instance, Norway) to benefit from the customs union’s advant

What to consider in a prenuptial agreement

In this interview Vadim Blaustein, the CEO of BlauStein Business Lawyers, responds to questions with regards to the main reasons why the prenuptial agreement is always a good idea, what are the main provisions to be included in the prenuptial agreement and when to sign it. Vadim, please clarify to us what are the benefits of prenuptial agreement. Vadim Blaustein: Prenuptial agreement is a way of securing your assets, a tool to availing legal and financial risks associated wit

Things to consider when buying artwork

Buying an art can be a fun and rewarding experience. If you are looking into buying your first piece of art or starting an art collection, either as a long-term investment or for other reasons such as your love and appreciation of art, there are plenty of things you need to consider and be aware of before you purchase a work of art online or at a gallery, or before you go raising your bidding paddle at auctions. In this interview, Mr. Vadim Blaustein, partner at BlauStein Bus

How to use crowdfunding to finance a brilliant idea

The transformation of a global economy in the digital era was also affected in the ways how the start-ups look for funds to turn their brilliant ideas into reality. One of the most popular ways of funding your business outside of the bank loan, investment from investment angels is “crowdfunding”. If you have an excellent idea and you need an initial capital to start it crowdfunding is something you shall consider. Vadim Blaustein, the CEO of BlauStein Lawyers, answers several

What you need to know before purchasing a yacht

Luxury yachts are among the most expensive asset purchases. Before you start cruising the world's most dazzling waters in your super yacht, there are many things you need to know and consider, and the initial capital is just one part of the equation. Vadim Blaustein, a resident of Monaco and an experienced lawyer dealing with numerous yacht purchase and financing transactions, as well as tax planning, tells in this interview what aspiring yacht owners need to know before purc

5 reasons to introduce cryptocurrency to your business now

Vadim Blaustein, crypto-investor and Senior Partner at BlauStein Business Lawyers has shared his thoughts on the cryptocurrency market and gave 5 reasons you might think of introducing cryptocurrency to your business. 2017 was marked by an unprecedented demand for the cryptocurrency. As a result, the cryptocurrencies grew in price at an incredible rate. For example, in April 2017 1 Bitcoin cost 1147 USD, in April 2018 the price is approximately 6992 USD. In December 2017, the


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